I am a heterosexual man eager to fulfill my fantasies. I recently discovered that I am turned on by being watched while I display myself in humiliating situations. Men, aged ladies and transexuals are really welcome since I will feel extremely humilliated if they watch me. However, if you do not belong to one of these groups, do not hesitate to watch me. I will be happy being your toy.
Please, note that I am not a gay. I get pleasure of being watched by a man just because I am heterosexual and this is a humiliating situation.

My preferences are:
- Being watched while my Hitachi magic wand is masturbating me. I usually use a rope to fix the Hitachi to my body so my hands are free to type. The speedis set to "low". That means that I will take a long time to get an orgasm. It is a sweet torture and I am eager to share my pleasure with you.
- Being watched while I am wearing my collar, wrists and/or ankles restraints.
- Display myself kneeled, with my hands behind my head and elbows apart. Or same position but on my feet and with my legs apart.
- Chat with you while I am in any of the situations described above.
- You can use some rough languaje to me. If well used, rough languaje may be very exciting... or can led to disaster. My experience says that only people with some experience using this kind of languaje know how, what and when must be used. So, please, be careful about what you say, when and how. If you are not sure about it do not use rough languaje. Words like "bitch" and "slave" are welcome. "Pig" and others, not.
- I am opened to any reasonable ideas you may have.
- I will try to delay my orgasm as much as possible. But once I had my orgasm, the show is over.

What I am not going to do or allow:
- Being disrespectful.
- Dressing as a women or do anything that has something to do with transvestim.
- Doing anything that has something to do wih pee or poo.
- Anal.

Well, that is all I can think about right now. I will update all this if I think on any other relevant issue you must know.


Nickname: submissive_toy
Site: chaturbate
Age: 37
Sex: male

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