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1000 Tokens = Any Pair of Panties Mailed To You

500 Tokens = 10 mins of phone call ( I call you)


I'm here mainly to have fun and chat with some awesome people I had the chance to meet. If you see more of my sexy me, consider it a privilege, not a right. Also you should know I ban people with a quickness if a person:
a. Get's on my nerves, b. Demands anything of me and insists.
c. Is rude. I reserve the right to decide whether you a rude or not. I DO NOT want to hear your opinions on my outfit, face, room, or anything else unless of course, compliments! ;)
d. Generally pisses me off or makes me uncomfortable in anyway. This is my house, damn it!
e. Suggests that I am "high" or "tired". No I am not fucking high/tired.
f. Speaks anything other than English will get you an immediate ban.
g. Ask if my hair is a wig... You're an idiot. BAN!

For Anons and no tk guys: I'll tease you to dead till I cant take it anymore and run off in PVT with a special guy :-) If you are looking for hardcore public porn, I might not be the model for you. I don't want any "advice" about how I'd make more money "if... "

I generally prefer to stay in public, but if others tips are lacking, feel free to steal me away :-)

If you like to have fun and have sense of humor we'll get along great!

My ym: seductive.diva

Nickname: supersexygirl
Site: chaturbate
Age: 24
Sex: female