Hi. Im Terri. Im here for fun and money.
I have some ground rules:
1. No rude name or comments
2. No demending
3. No begging
4. Tip then request
5. Speak English
6. No faked tipped
7. Dont say bb
9. Dont ask me to add u anywhere
10. dont ask me to go to ur room or cam to cam
11. I dont do any kind of sexual stuff with animals
If u dont follow my rules then my mod/me will ban or silenced. But i will give u warning b4 i silenced u but idk if my mod will.

100 for 2 pic of any kind
300 for my number.
500 for phone sex 5 to 10 mintues
1000 cam to cam
3000 to meet me in real life
5000 to cam with me in real person
If u want to do things with me in real life we will discuess in private. I do deal and offers. if u want more infor please pm.

Nickname: terriann110
Site: chaturbate
Age: 20
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes

ear pirece