I am an open-minded, friendly and funny guy, so they say. I can talk about loads of stuff from music to movies and art, if you fancy. I kinda do lots of everything from playing squash to eating Italian to cooking and going to art galleries. But I guess I am here because I love talking about sex and fantasing about having sex with strangers. I should admit that, shouldn't I? My favourite thing in sex is licking pussy and giving my partners orgasms. I like to have sex in imaginative and sharing ways, and I love women from other cultures. I can talk about music, art, cinema too. I'm not into perfection - I think it's really over-rated. I love real people. I'm sorry I haven't put a picture of my face up here but I can't really put my face and my cock up - in case anyone recognises me, so it was one or the other. Hope you will excuse the choice :)) Get in touch! I am strokeofluck500 at yahoo dot co dot uk

Nickname: thribble
Site: chaturbate
Age: 33
Sex: male

Kinky Attributes

a couple of tattoos