Not much to say about me... I'm just an average guy with strong desires that don't get fulfilled. I'm a nice person, not judgmental, and enjoy the sensual side of life.

I like to masturbate, prefer to masturbate with someone, and like to show, although I'm only average. I've got some extra padding that I'd like to get rid of. As far as women go, I like some extra padding, actually prefer it, but don't go for overly obese women. Men are okay as long as they are nice and trans are okay too as long as they are nice. I've met a lot of friends over time. I don't show my face unless I get to know you and cam2cam.

Just tell me what you want and if it's not unreasonable, I might just do it...

Nickname: txfunm
Site: chaturbate
Age: 42
Sex: male

Kinky Attributes