Wana know something about me ask!! I'm a JUGGALETTE U don't like it or the face paint then get the fuck out of my room !!!! It's ICP = Insane Clown Posse Look it up damn it!! i am also a submissive that has a dom i am collared and owned . if he tells me to shut down cam i have to sry but i don't want to get in to trouble!

***MY RULES***
# 1 No pms unless u tip 25 tk
#2 No bossy ness or demanding "show me your boobs/pussy" will get you banned!!! Don't test it....
#3 All request must get tipped first. Tell me in tip notes!!
#4 Please don't be rude this is my room and I will ban u if u are.
#5 Don't call me BB my name is TESS get it right!
#6 Not a lot of glifs please dont over lode me on them but u can post a fue!
#7 ABSOLUTELY NO pee or poop on cam.thats sick and you need help so dont even ask instant silence!

#8 I know i have bad teeth its a calcium problem and i'm trying to get the money up to fix them if your rude about it instant ban!!
If u want to help me fix them it will cost me $2,000 to do so! Just tip for it and say so in tip notes or ask about pm regarding teeth! We can work something out !!
#9 No animal fucking none what so ever that is just as sick as peeing or pooping, and will get u the same results !!!!!!!!!!!

Please for the love of god talk to me!! I dont like sitting here
talking to my self or just sitting here!!!!

Ok, There r a few of u I would like to thank but, I dont know who u are there is a thing called off line tips! I did not know about them till i got money from c-bate thanks to those that sent the tips and u know who u r !!!!!



Nickname: vamptessa69
Site: chaturbate
Age: 30
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes

nipples r pirced, belly button and ears and i have a few tatoos