Welcome to my room I hope you have a good time here . This is a friendly room with a good atmosphere and I hope we have a lot of fun together.
My room rules:
1) DONT beg if u have a request tip me
2)DONT be rude with me or other members in my room is my room and ull get banned
3)DONT call me BB BABE BABE BBY my name is Katy
4)DONT send any graphics u will be banned so DONT try
5)I DONT fist i DONT do anal i Dont squirt
6)NO i DONT do escort
7)NO feet on cam NO armpits No spreading pussy/ass

Thank yu and i hope u enjoy !!! xoxo
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****dynasty249**** 5000 tokens
****leftcoastfunk****--4000 tokens
********dumbfk90***********3500 tokens
******gun4urbun***3333 tokens
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***missingthemark****OMG the shower show guy hhaha
*****frydaddy****** WEE fryyy is like my older bro <333
****smang*** smanbb <3333
****markymark62***always a nice friend
*****IKPTHEGAME****** this guy is insanely funny sometimes haha :D
***makaveli1731****** makaaaa we all are gonna miss u <333
***tonymeul1982**** hopefuly u wont be missing again this muuuch <333
*****cumm4u****john a great friend and a nice mod
*******Bigmichael89*******rainamker haha
********coyh************** always nice and funny
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***salsthename*****sal is the bigger perv LOL
***alfons021******funny guy :D
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*****maxvicious*****a very nice friend nd mod <<3333
****joshmac2736*** jmacaroni awwww <333
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*****cockycaucasion********* <333 my girlfriend
*****allexx_rule*****<333 my bitch
*****weteryka*****<333 my little crazy

Nickname: xokatyxo
Site: chaturbate
Age: 23
Sex: female

Kinky Attributes

nose piercing and 2 tats