Hi hi...I'm Miss Kiki and I'm looking for playmates to play the Kiki Game.. Wanna play with me?? I adore playing games with my pussy cat "Shoo-wing" & "Spanky" my monkey. but I get bored easy so I need new playmate! I love to tease, showoff, dance, dress up, simon says. hide-n-go seek & much more. I never get tired of playing with myself & with my fuck B~> uddy Cumnacha. When he's a good boy I let him cum in my playroom so I can make him do what I want & squirt on him or I put him in the corner when he's bad to watch me play with myself. **Kiki'z Playtime Suggestions** I don't value miseries company so ".No Fukn Worries" is all I welcum in My Playroom... Being sexy kinky sweet & talkn dirty to me makes me so horny & whoever does it the best & can keep my attention will be rewarded. ** Kiki'z Winning Game Tips**. ~~ *Compliments make me hot & get you a prize ~~ *Tokens make me wet & my clothes fall off.& gets you ahead!~~ *I have a soft spot for Big Spenders that share their tokens with me cuz I get too excited & have to play with my monkey in my swing till I cum down :P ~~* And Boss Daddy's andor Bad Bitches that share the wealth with Me get the VIP attention from Me & I'll make it a point to get a raise! Playmates that are critics & haters have there place & purpose, but not in Kiki'z Playroom ~~ * Playmates that dig feeling good & want to add their "feel good" vibe to the overall energy of the room cum-awn & anything less than that need not cum in just to look pathetic aight that room is waitin on you so hurry go find it . It's simple.., just play well with others or you'll be escorted out of my room ...Oh & I think graphics are fun too but take up too much space so none of those please. Wanna cum & play with me?? ,..its play time!!!! Sooooo Cum"awn

Nickname: xxxkikixxx
Site: chaturbate
Age: 45
Sex: female

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