Im a [age] year old Virgin who does this for a Laugh and to see what you lovely girls think of me.
Im a real nice guy or so people tell me & im actively looking for a Girlfriend.
With each passing week, I think I get more wanting for a girlfriend; im sick of Gaming and Uni.
I want someone to love and hopefully to make love with :)
If you want to help me find a girl or you would like a go, contact me.
If your a ~20 girl from Oxford area, speak up and lets chat, you have the advantage now. How about we meet up for a chat/drink and see where things go.
I will consider meeting someone for a "swing" without sex, for example I fist/lick you, you HJ/BJ me, etc.
It will help me get more confident and such.
Websites im on: 17
A few Dating Sites.
I do have 5kype, if you communicate with me;
I may just let you have it.
Someone Recorded me and uploaded it to a website, so at times in my show; I will have a popup saying this cannot exist on other website.
The Fewruin it for the Many.
I dont Cum on myself,
Cum in my Mouth,
Eat (etc) Cum,
If I fancy it, I do a little finger sized anal,
Im straight; so no I wouldnt "take your cock",
A girls request will be more likely to be granted ^_^
*Others will be added*

Nickname: yangvirgin
Site: chaturbate
Age: 20
Sex: male

Kinky Attributes

Clean Body